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Registered Charity Number 1151195

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The ALA Green Charitable Trust is a grant making charity which makes donations to charities and other not for profit organisations across the UK with a focus on two key areas:

  1. Provision of holidays and educational activities for children who are disabled, living in underprivileged areas and/or are full time carers; and

  2. Conservation and the environment, with a focus on forestry and education by providing financial and training support for young people aspiring towards careers in the forestry and conservation sectors.

To find out more about the charities and other organisations we have supported in the past, please see "Donation Recipients" below.  

For information on how to submit a funding application see "Contact Us" below.

In addition to providing grants, the ALA Green Charitable Trust is also proud to have established a long term partnership with the Royal Forestry Society.   Find out more information about these Special Partnerships below.

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As a trusted charitable organisation founded in 2014, the ALA Green Charitable Trust works with and provides funding to charities and other not for profit organisations across the UK.

The trustees meet twice a year to consider and decide upon funding requests. Where possible, the trustees seek to visit the organisations they support to better understand their operations and potential needs. Such visits take place across the country throughout the year. The trustees also like to keep in touch with the organisations they have supported in the past to understand the impact their donation has made and how further funding could be utilised.

More information about the ALA Green Charitable Trust can be found on the Charity Commission website, using the link below:

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Over its 10 year history, The ALA Green Charitable Trust has made grants totalling over £1.5million to almost 80 different charities.  A spotlight on some of the charities supported is provided below:

Community Garden


Supported by The ALA Green Charitable Trust since 2017

About Go Beyond: The charity which gives children and young people from across England facing serious challenges in their lives the chance for a break that lasts a lifetime.  On breaks under wide open skies in the countryside, Go Beyond’s expert staff and committed volunteers give children and young people who have been bereaved, abused or bullied, who are living in poverty or caring for loved ones the chance to escape their worries and pressures. To have the moments and experiences they need to believe in themselves and think beyond the day-today for a bigger, brighter future.

From splashing in the river in their wellies to braving the dizzying heights of a rock-climbing wall, each break is packed with activities intended to encourage self-belief and inspire adventure.  By getting out and getting involved, Go Beyond’s biggest hope is for each child to go home knowing they can achieve more than they ever thought possible, inspired by what the world can offer them and what they, in turn, can offer the world. Every break is totally free-of-charge for the children and young people.

Supporting Go Beyond: Since 2017, with the support of The ALA Green Charitable Trust, Go Beyond have been able to provide hundreds of disadvantaged children and young people, from across England, with a residential break at the charity's Daleside centre, set among the rolling hills of Derbyshire.  Children supported by The ALA Green Charitable Trust have the opportunity to grow in confidence, explore nature, learn new skills, improve their emotional, physical health and wellbeing and develop an early passion for the environment.

Beneficiary feedback: “When I get home from my Go Beyond break, I will remember that Go Beyond is a place to bring your true self” (Child attended a Go Beyond break 2023).  After experiencing a Go Beyond break, 81% of children and young people think there are many things they can be proud of (2022 Go Beyond children and young people’s evaluation).

Community Garden


Supported by The ALA Green Charitable Trust since 2014

About Happy Days Children’s Charity:  The charity provides activities for children from the North West of England who have a wide range of disabilities. These include children with a learning difficulty, an ongoing chronic / acute medical condition, children who have witnessed / experienced domestic violence / abuse, children who may act as a young carer for another family member and children who have mental health conditions. The age range of the children is from 3-17 and the children go out as part of a larger group to destinations such as a zoo, theme park, theatre, farm, museum, place of interest.

The charity also arranges for visiting theatre companies to go to special needs schools and perform to the children as many find it difficult to access a local main theatre due to their complex needs. The live performing arts experiences help to stimulate their sensory awareness and their social and communication skills. Another activity is a group activity holiday where the children will go for a 1-3 night stay at an activity centre with fellow peers and take part in physical pursuits and team building challenges. For many of the children it is a first time away from home and will help them with their independence learning.

The family breaks we fund for the children and their parents plus other siblings may either be a first holiday or one which they have not had for several years. The short breaks enable the family to go to a new environment and this will enable them to spend some quality time together in a peaceful setting.

All of the experiences we help to arrange will help the children and their families to take part in an activity more often enjoyed by the wider community and this will help them in terms of their future development as they move forward into adulthood with renewed confidence. They also help to promote social inclusion.

Supporting Happy Days Children's Charity: In the past 4 years, the support from the ALA Green Charitable Trust, the charity has helped 2,365 children to experience what life has to offer in the form of different activities,

Registered Charity Number 1151195

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Inspiring passion and excellence in woodland management

The ALA Green Charitable Trust supports students financially through the Royal Forestry Society “Forestry Roots” scheme.

Each year, a number of students progress their career aspirations in forestry, woodlands and the environment through training and work placements.  The core principle of the work of The ALA Green Charitable Trust in this project is inclusion regardless of background, gender, religion, disability or financial circumstances.

Since 2018, 85% of Forestry Roots trainees are now in a permanent paid role in the forestry sector.

More information about the scheme can be found on the Royal Forestry Society website by following the link below:


Registered Charity Number 1151195

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If your organisation's activities fit the aims of the ALA Green Charitable Trust, why not submit a funding request?

There is no fixed application format.  The trustees have prepared an application form to assist you in collating the information they require to consider your request.  If you prefer not to use the application form, the trustees will also consider requests detailed in a letter or email.  

To enable the trustees to give your application due consideration, please include an overview of your organisation's aims, the amount requested and details of how the funds would be used.

The trustees meet twice a year in April and November.  Submission deadlines are as follows:

31 March for consideration at the March trustee meeting; and

31 October for consideration at the November meeting. 

Click here for application form:


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Application forms and request letters/emails can be submitted either by post or email to the address shown below:

ALA Green Charitable Trust 
C/O Addleshaw Goddard
One St Peter’s Square
M2 3DE

Registered Charity Number 1151195

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